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The Rise of the Subhumans

This is a large scale painted drawing (if that makes sense, & I think it does) that I completed yesterday. It is surreal/apocalyptic in nature, & was partly inspired by seeing Ridley Scott’s “Prometheus” the night before I started it, so some of the imagery from that movie bled over & was integrated into this piece. I highly recommend the movie, by the way…


The Rise of the Subhumans

The Rise of the Subhumans, 2012, acrylic on Kraft paper, 83″ x 57″ approx.

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Back Against A Night Sky

Sometimes the paintings that work the best are the small, simple ones. This one is at the minimal end of my spectrum…it was painted over an unsuccessful abstract painting of a sky, which gave the piece a little added depth and texture. The flesh of the back gains a luminosity against the flat (but infinite) black background, and the figure itself is reduced to an iconic, simple, monolithic form.

Back Against A Night Sky

Back Against A Night Sky, 2012, acrylic on board, 10″ x 8″.

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