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This acrylic painting makes a kind of trilogy with the two below (Madonna of the Wasteland and The Morning Star). It’s painted on a blue ground in a kind of semi-pointillistic technique, which seems to be able to give the image layers of depth. I want to do more paintings like this on a larger scale with more complex arrangements…figures and not just heads…

Pandora, 2012, acrylic on board, 20" x 16"

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Madonna of the Wasteland

This was a painting that took quite a while to do, and was also painted over other, earlier images. The end result is kind of a combination of apocalyptic and sentimental aesthetics, which I like.

Madonna of the Wasteland


Morning Star

This is a new tondo (circular painting) from a series I’ve been working on recently. The circular format forces me to reconsider the picture space.

Morning Star

Morning Star, 2012, acrylic on circular canvas, 20″ diameter.

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