Digital Orpheus

In the mid-90s, after I moved from Paris, France to Brooklyn, NY, I experimented with digital artwork thinking that this was the wave of the future, no more messy, slow-drying paints & so on. It didn’t really take, as I actually enjoy working with paints & inks, etc. I know it’s kind of crazy still working in traditional media, making artwork that still kind of looks like something you might recognize, albeit in a personal manner. It’s kind of like a writer who still uses words on paper, or a musician who still uses recognizable notes & melodies. You know, like a fossil. Anyway, here is one of my better digital attempts, done with Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro or something, using Kai’s Power Tools (remember them?) & some kind of inexpensive graphics tablet that ceased to function long ago…

Digital Orpheus

Digital Orpheus, circa 1995 or 1996, digital image.



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