How to become a rich, successful, famous artist…

Of course, there are a number of ways to achieve this. However, the method that I’m using is this:

  1. Produce a number (as many as possible) of artworks of (what you think is) significant importance & value (again, defined by you.)
  2. Introduce these artworks to as many people as possible, via exhibitions, print, Internet & so forth.
  3. Repeat the process until it repeats itself.

I have not yet fully reached stage 3, but I think this method will hold true for many people. Also, if you are a musician or writer, or possibly a number of other professions, I think this is also a good philosophy. However, it depends on you. Sometimes people become famous overnight, for various reasons. For example, they do something so shocking that they receive immediate & widespread attention. I wouldn’t personally recommend that method, as it may lead to prosecution, or very large amounts of negative publicity, death threats, & so forth. Also, you may get lost in a sea of shockingness.

Some other points:

  1. Paying galleries etc. large amounts of money to be involved in an exhibition or similar is not a good idea. These tend to be easily recognized as vanity affairs & will not advance you very far. On the other hand, some galleries & so forth charge a modest fee for viewing your work, which I think may be fair enough, but again, it’s up to the individual to decide on that.
  2. I’d personally avoid trying to radically alter my artwork just to get it shown in a particular venue. However, this might be bad advice…
  3. It’s a good idea to start your career locally, if possible, and work outwards. However, if your work is picked up relatively early on by a nationally acclaimed venue, you should focus on that arena. I guess the point here is to be adaptable & to work with what comes along.

I hope the above has been helpful. Please feel free to comment & agree or disagree (politely) with what I have written.


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